1. Charges are per dog: £20 one off charge, plus £5 per additional night. No large dog over 25kg.

2. Dogs are welcome anywhere in the establishment with the exception of the dining room. They must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs may be left alone in the bedroom during meals as long as they are happy and quiet. Alternatively, guests may wish to leave them in their car, which can be observed from some tables in the dining room.

3. A water bowl can be found on the front porch step and towels are available on wet days by the front door.

4. Food is not provided for pets. However, we are more than happy to store/refrigerate any food that is provided but it must be in a container.

5. Further blankets are available if required.

6. Please feel free to let your dog off the lead in the gardens as long as this does not affect the enjoyment of other guests.

7. We would appreciate it if you could ask your dog to cross his legs until he is clear of the porch area of the building.

8. Turf walk (opposite Sentry Mead) is the ideal area for early morning / late night walkies – complete with dog bins.

9. The beach at Totland Bay has an ‘all-year’ dog friendly section – please ask for details.

10. Guests are responsible for their dog and will be liable for the repair costs of any damage (beyond normal wear and tear) caused as a direct result of an action by their dog. No dogs allowed on the soft furnishings in the lounge.

11. Well behaved dogs only and if they cause a nuisance to other guests, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

12. Dogs are not allowed in our Freshwater room.