‘Let’s re-install 2020 – this version has a virus’ – is one of the many clever comments I’ve seen posted on various social media outlets.  It is certainly going to be a year that everybody will remember and, sadly, not for any good reasons.

My sympathies go out to anyone who loses a loved one to this invisible killer, Covid-19.  But equally, I feel for anyone affected by this pandemic in so many other ways.  Some people are losing their jobs, others their businesses – we are keeping our heads down and will, hopefully, get through this intact.  Some people are struggling with being ‘locked down’ and suffering silently in their isolation – we are, after all, social creatures.

When social restrictions start to ease, and they will, people will tentatively begin to venture out again.  I think planning a visit to the Sentry Mead, in this beautiful and peaceful corner of the Isle of Wight, would be the perfect way to test the waters again.  We have the benefit of enjoying a large building with two lounges and an extremely spacious dining room.  We have lovely terraces and gardens and are just 100 yards from the sea at Totland Bay.  Plenty of space to relax in, without feeling crowded by too many other guests.  We are fully licenced and so guests can enjoy a drink from our Gin Bar, perhaps a cocktail or glass of wine, or we have local beer and a good selection of spirits as well.

Totland is peaceful and quiet even when the rest of the Island seems busy and bustling.  Therefore, if you’re looking to escape the confines of the city and your four walls, then Sentry Mead is definitely worth looking at.  If you like walking or cycling then you have miles of opportunities right from our doorstep, but equally, you can just wander across the road and enjoy looking at the sea and watching the boats go by.


While everyone finds their feet again, and gets used to life after lockdown, we will operate slightly differently to normal in order to allow guests to feel comfortable being out and about again.  Instead of a breakfast buffet, where lots of people need to handle the displays, we will serve everybody fully from the kitchen directly.  If guests choose to come down and sit in the dining room, we will offer our full menu and will serve everything direct to your table.  However, we also understand that some guests will prefer to stay in their rooms, certainly for a short time after restrictions are lifted.  Therefore, we are creating a slightly shorter menu that guests can pre-order from the night before.  Then, they can collect their breakfast at the requested time and take it wherever they feel most at ease.  That may be their room, or if the weather is nice, they could take it outside.  Therefore, we will be opening up a ‘room only’ rate that guests can access so that they can decide on how they want to dine once they arrive and see the lay of the land, so to speak.

For dinner, guests can venture out to The Waterfront, or any one of the other local restaurants and pubs.  Alternatively, we will happily allow guests to bring take-aways back to Sentry Mead where they can eat in the dining room, outside on the terrace or in their rooms – again wherever they feel most at ease.  I also intend to keep offering supper 5 nights a week to guests and they can choose whether to be served in the dining room, or to collect and take it to wherever they please.

So have a look at our rooms, choose the one that appeals to you most and come and enjoy a well-earned break on this wonderful Island.  Assistance with ferry crossings is on offer too.  Dogs are welcome and we have storage for cycles and charging facilities for electric cars.  Questions?  Then call me and let me answer them personally.  We look forward to seeing you here soon.  https://sentrymead.co.uk/our-rooms/